As a music therapist my role is to make a connection and build a therapeutic relationship with my clients via music.   It is an active endeavor which means finding ways to engage the other – whether an individual or a group – to participate and experience ability and success in the act of making music.

Music therapy interventions are linked to the treatment goals and objectives of each client, which may be in the cognitive, psycho-social, physical and/or spiritual domains of functioning.  In my practice I focus on a number of different populations and conditions in both clinical and wellness contexts.

Areas that Music Therapy serves:

Music therapy intervention may involve playing a maraca, a tambourine or a drum, tapping a foot or a knee, singing, plucking a string on the guitar, improvising on the keyboard, making up lyrics for a song to be created together, or listening to music together and talking.

Be Your Note serves clients in my Arundel Maine studio (pictured above), in clinical or healthcare facilities and in community settings such as wellness facilities, yoga studios, local art centers and educational facilities. My services are provided in southern Maine and coastal New Hampshire.


“Medicine targets pathology, disease, disability; Music targets dignity, ability.”
– Oliver Sacks

“Human beings need to express themselves daily in a way that invites physical and emotional release.”
David Darling, Artistic Director, Music for People, musicforpeople.org


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